National Accounts

Introducing Six-Star National Service to a Five-Star World

In a world that measures excellence with five stars, JAN-PRO aims a little higher. We are committed to creating the first six-star level of service in the janitorial industry. The way we measure, manage and execute our cleaning is second to none.

Since 1991, JAN-PRO has grown to be the leading global commercial cleaning company with the largest geographic footprint in the U.S. This currently equates to regularly servicing more than 300 million square feet of commercial space — and we’re growing every day.

Our Six-Star Program is built around six key initiatives:

  1. Ongoing commitment to new technologies
  2. Seamless integration & transition from the cleaners from other companies
  3. Single point of contact
  4. Consolidated reporting and billing
  5. Branded processes for consistently high-quality performance
  6. Certified JAN-PRO owner operators alleviating third party sub-contractors

Existing National Accounts: